Saturday, February 6, 2010

Musings on moving

The past week I've been meeting with each grade level to tell them about the new adventures ahead as we set off on the journey to a brand new MWE building. We have decided together to call the Transition Campus - Meadow Wood #1. We will call the new building we come back to - Meadow Wood #2. Both places will be Meadow Wood Elementary!

I keep reminding the students that we are talking about a new building - not a new MWE. As we move to MWE #1 in the 2010-2011 school year we will all be together there doing all the same things we do now. The students are worried that being at MWE #1 will change things such as recess, lunch, special events and programs. I'm assuring them that we will continue all the great things we do now. They are worried about how they will get there. We talked about the current bus routes which will bring them there and about the new bus routes we will add for the families who live on Bateswood. Currently there is no bus to pick up students who live on Bateswood as the bus can't turn around in the circle. These children will be picked up on Memorial Green by the gate through the fence where they walk through now.

They are all so excited about MWE #2. I've shown them the preliminary draft drawings. We can't wait to get the final renderings so we can see what the new MWE will look like.

The Design Team will be meeting in mid-February to review choices for interior materials and colors. It is really going to be a beautiful campus.

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