Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pictures from August 19th tour More on our Facebook page Meadow Wood Elementary SBISD

Status of the Project

New Meadow Wood Elementary School: School Replacement (68314 – 2007 Bond)
Construction Team: SHW Group Architects
Satterfield & Pontikes
SBISD P.M. – M. Ashley
Project Timeline: Bid date: 6/24/2010
Board approval date: 7/27/2010
Scheduled Completion date: 11/01/2011

Percent of Work Completed
Overall Project Completion – Construction phase 85% – the project is currently on schedule.
Irrigation – 95%
Landscaping – 85%
Exterior canopies – 100%
Concrete polishing – 70%
Roofing – 99%
Windows – 99%
Interior drywall second side – 90%
Tape & float – 70%
Prime paint – 50%
Interior MEP rough-in – 95%
Low voltage rough-in – 90%
Ceiling grid – 70%
Ceiling tile – 30%
Kitchen equipment – 90%

Current work includes: continuing the roofing sheet metal, irrigation & landscaping, the window
installation, concrete polishing, interior drywall, ceiling grid & tile, prime painting, kitchen
equipment installation, low voltage rough-in, and the MEP rough-in.

Two week projection includes: Installation of the gas meter, AT&T phone lines, Comcast fiber,
and kitchen equipment start up.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pictures from the tour on June 3

I swipped a link from pictures from a tour a small group of us took on June 3rd. We are going again on August 11 so more pictures should follow that tour.

Thanks to Erika Wheeler for posting these on her new blog. Click Here

Friday, August 5, 2011

Landscaping at the new school

If you haven't driven by lately...
The landscaping crew has been hard at work putting in an extensive sprinkler system in ALL of the front areas of the school. We will be able to water the trees, the beds, and the garden south of the library. Our school is going to be a jewel along Memorial Drive!

They were working on finishing up the canopy work on the front drive, the bus drive and the tower yesterday. Those areas are looking great.

The building looks very close to being finished - from the outside. There are still many weeks/months of work to be done to the inside.

I'll be taking another small group of MWE staff to tour on August 11. We will take lots of pictures and post them here very soon after the tour.

If you are anywhere in the area you will certainly want to drive by. The fencing is down so you can even drive through the front drive. It's very can go all around the outside drive and back to the light OR part of the way in you turn left and go to the parking area OR drive all the way across the front and then turn left into the parking area OR drive all the way around the front and go straight to exit in the turn right lane OR go all the way around the front, don't turn left into the parking lot but turn left into the 'go back to the light at Clear Springs' lane OR get lost in rambling around among the trees!!!