Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Week was a huge success!

Well, we were so busy all week that we didn't even realize we had not taken a single picture all week. I'll take some soon and post them, although I think many of you have visited to see the campus for yourselves.

I always forget how much physical and emotional energy teachers put into getting ready to begin a new year. This year we had the added challenge of moving 3 days.

I'm so proud of our fabulous teachers. I really don't know how they did it but by Monday morning the classrooms looked organized and inviting, we had developed a plan for dismissal with 4 extra buses and we were anxious & excited to welcome the students back to school.

By Wednesday we had gone from Plan A to Plan B to Plan C for dismissal and IT WORKED!! We are getting the kids on the buses and into cars at the parent drive in less than 15 minutes. It will get even better as we all learn the routine.

We love our cafeteria. It is large enough that we are able to spread the tables out a bit. Although we have the same number of kids eating as we did at the old MWE, it just seems quieter and calmer in the new space.

Our biggest concern was that kids would have a hard time finding their way around the building. WRONG!! We all forget that most of our worries are based on the reality for us...we get lost! However, our students were instantly right at home. On Friday, I brought 2 PK students in from the cafeteria as they needed to finish eating after their class was gone. I just followed them as they visited. They went straight to their room with no direction from me.

Many of you are wondering why they have not demolished the building yet. They are doing it from the inside out. They are taking out all fixtures, windows, doors, signs, canopies, A/C units, etc...anything that could be reused in other schools for repairs. I heard on Friday that the demo of the walls may be happening this coming week. I'll email as soon as I know.

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