Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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Well, following a great start to the year, a very full first semester and a wonderful holiday vacation I decided I really needed to bring you up to date on the happenings at the construction site. Thanks to Katie Fitzpatrick (mom of Keely, Thomas and John) we have some great pictures to share. Some of you drive by every day but some of you may have moved away from Houston so we want you to be able to follow the building process.

Last week the BIG crane arrived and they immediately began to put up the steel. Most of the concrete pours are complete. We have the front drive, front parking lot, service yard lot, several sidewalks and the LARGE foundation poured. The new exit/entrance onto Memorial Dr at the light at Clear Spring is almost complete. I've seen the mock up of the beautiful polished concrete floor. They throw the aggregate and do most of the grinding at this stage so we had to get final approval on the look of the floor. It is really pretty. Work is almost complete on the bioswale in the SPARK Park. They will soon move the fence back closer to the building construction and free up more space in the SPARK Park.

The contractors have made every effort to save the 3 buildings from the 1999 Bond project and have been able to do so. But, the kindergarten building and the library building had pretty involved water damage inside the walls. They are going to have to 'skin' those buildings, which means they take off all the brick and put up new brick. That means that the HUGE Texas mosaic is coming down. But don't worry, it will go back up and look as good as new when they are finished. That also means the brick on those two buildings will match the rest of the building and leave only the gym with the original brick.

Well enough for now. Here are some pictures to enjoy. I promise to post more soon.

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