Friday, February 18, 2011

Update on Construction

Things are really going quickly at the new MWE. Can you believe I just had the first meeting to start planning the move back??? WOW!

I didn't want anyone to get worried when you start to see some serious tree trimming going on in the front of the site. Satterfield and Pontikes brought out an arborist to check on the condition of our beautiful oak trees and to get advise from the arborist. The arborist has recommended some big cutbacks to the trees to preserve their long term health. He has marked branches to be trimmed and they will begin the trimming in the next few weeks.

Things are still on schedule for the completion date of 11/01/2011.
Here is a quick look at the percent of work completed.
Overall Project Completion – Construction phase 29% – the project is currently on schedule.
Site utilities – 90%
Paving prep – 99%
Paving concrete – 95%
Sidewalks – 70%
Grade beams – 95%
Under slab utilities – 85%
Slab-on-grade – 90%
Steel deliveries – 90%
Steel Erection – 25%
Covered play structure – 95%
Current work includes: continuing site utilities, paving prep, grade beams, slab-on-grade,
sidewalks, and steel deliveries and erection.
Two week projection includes: Complete paving, grade beams, and slab-on-grade. Commence
masonry demolition at existing Kindergarten and Library buildings.

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